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  • Applied Bolting Technology Products, Inc
    Bellows Falls, United States of America
    Applied Bolting Technology™ produces Squirter® DTIs (Direct Tension Indicators) that supply a bright orange indication when bolts have been tensioned, making tight bolts easy to see. DTIs are load cells that ensure compliance with bolting standards and specs. Torque, Part Turn and TCBs can all produce false-positive tension, and regularly do: Torque scatter is ±40 percent for new bolts, and worse for weathered. Relying on torque is optimism, at best. TCBs are torque bolts adversely affected by cold or wet weather. Part Turn can be defeated by misrepresenting turn angle, regardless of turn applied. DTIs read load. If a bolt is tight, a Squirter DTI will show it, independent of weather, torque, angle, tool or skill.
  • Basalt World Corp
    Pompano Beach, United States of America
  • Exel Composites
    Vantaa, Finland
  • Fyfe Company LLC
    San Diego, United States of America
  • Pultrall Inc - V-ROD
    Thetford Mines, Canada
  • Strongwell
    Bristol, United States of America
  • Wagners
    Toowoomba, Australia

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